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Is it possible in a polite and civilized society that one man blames another behind his back? Absolutely no! This is nonsense! True men settle things down eye to eye and never gage each other in public. It is not a boxing match and we are not politicians! We work in the custom writing business and at least a decent pinch of respect to a rival would be so appreciating!

We must respect each other! We must not blame competitors just because they are better and we cannot overtake them in an open fight! It is a matter of self-respect and dignity not to go down to false blames and hidden back-stabs. Otherwise, we are not worthy to work in the academic sphere!

Through all its working experience has revealed itself as a reliable partner of students. We have managed to earn a good reputation and customers always trust us. We never disappointed them and it is them who will judge us, it is them who will define the fault side in the end!

All these false blames, all these piles of mud we are facing because of intrigues of our competitors which are too weak to challenge us like true men do – these all will end pretty much soon. Because customers are difficult to fool, they have enough intelligence to define right and wrong. emerged years ago and we are not planning to give up due to unjustified blames. We are going to fight! But we will fight with honor!

Sheer determination of our writers, their great working skills and level of proficiency are known world-wide. We are not a scam as we always work hard and aim at providing excellent results only. We can afford to hire professional writers with MA and PhD diplomas because we can offer them high salaries. And they know that at it is possible to earn good money. Is it our problem that other services cannot afford to do the same? Are we at guild that they are not good enough and not worthy enough to employ quality writers? It seems like they think so! Seems like WE are the cause of THEIR OWN problems. But this is a complete nonsense!

They never ask for help, they never care for prestige. has been earning its reputation for decades, while some services strive to achieve the same for a year or two. But this is impossible! The business does not work like that!

Where all these fabricated comments lead? Nowhere! This is the path to extinction! But it is not which will fade away. If we do something wrong, we self-correct, learn and improve! We do not blame others for mistakes we do by ourselves.

It is always necessary to remember that you are not the smartest guy in the neighborhood. There are people who are much smarter. However, you can live up to them through training, studying and self-improvement. And not through a brutal force and miserable claims.