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Answers to the questions customers ask us most often.

Dissertation Literature Review or Annotated Bibliography?

Did you know that a dissertation is made of numerous chapters, and one of them is a so-called literature review? Many students confuse it with bibliography. These are two different things. A literature-based dissertation should contain a review. An annotated bibliography is not enough in this case.

A literature review is a summary of the sources used to create a paper. Thus, simply entering the information about sources such as the author’s name and date is not enough. A bibliography is a list of the contributed sources in alphabetical order concerning the authors’ last names (or another order depending on the citation format). Under each entry, a dissertation help writer should briefly recall summary and evaluation. If you work on an undergraduate dissertation literature review, you should also specify the value of the work as well as its role in the research.

An annotated bibliography should contain details about the sources, while one should provide summaries and analyses of the topic or argument in a review. In other words, the second one is focused on explaining the importance of topic or research problem as well as which resources and how can help. A student should list the advantages and disadvantages of studying specific questions. A literature review should also show how the writer’s insights are different or similar to the already known facts and results of the previous studies.

What’s in common? A dissertation proposal literature review usually comes from an annotated bibliography, so these two parts are interconnected. However, it can be a separate work.

Anyway, you may face the need to get help with any of the projects listed above. When you have to prepare a dissertation to obtain a scientific degree, doctoral or master’s, you’ll have to prepare a literature review as a separate document or part of the final project. As your final grade per course, as well as diploma, depending on the quality of this assignment, we recommend asking professional writers from our company for help.

The Process of Writing a Literature Review Dissertation

Most often, a literature review is a separate literary work like an essay, which, however, can be added to your dissertation or another huge piece like thesis or research paper. It is a brief guide to the chosen topic, just like a proposal. This document:

  • Offers an overview of the selected ideas or questions to answer;
  • Highlights the importance of investigating an issue;
  • Assesses the available sources;
  • Advices the audience as to what s admissible;
  • Explains how certain sources may be helpful.

Often, dissertations are written for humanities and social science classes. If you plan to earn a doctoral degree in one of these fields, you will face such a project for sure. For example, you may have to come up with a review of an English literature dissertation. This task may contain several sections. Each of them must offer a new argument on the discussed issue. It is possible to create arguments that are contrary or the same as your thesis.

A literary review should provide a summary and analysis of the claims that were already introduced before. The paper should evaluate the offered points of view and reveal regularities/irregularities.

The scope of such assignments may vary. It could be either a result of an annotated bibliography, part of a dissertation, or separate work. In any case, the easiest way to come up with one is to derive it from a bibliography. Writing a dissertation literature review consists of the following steps:

  • Gather and assess relevant sources

If you are preparing this document as part of a dissertation or thesis, look for credible sources related to the selected research question. That is the primary step in realizing the state of knowledge on the chosen ideas before a student starts his or her study.

You may find the right information thanks to the keywords and quotations. The best resources to look in are college library or archive, Google Scholar, and other search engines, JSTOR, Project Muse, Medline, EBSCO, etc. Please keep in mind that if you order this paper from our services, you’ll obtain research free of charge. Our experts are all qualified researchers who have access to the resources, even with limited access.

  • Discover connections

Before getting to the development of the review, define the connection between various collected sources. For example, search for the trends, patterns, debates, themes, gaps, pivotal publications, and more.

  • Outline the work and write it down

No matter whether you have to write a social work dissertation literature review or English literature one, you’ll need to follow the generally accepted structure. We recommend chronological one unless your tutor asks for thematic, theoretical, or methodological. In any case, our professional writers know how to deal with each of these types.

Anyway, an introduction to a topic presentation is the first part. The next part is the main body, where you list and analyze the sources in one of the chosen orders. Then, it should contain a conclusion. The last section is References, where you briefly recall all of the reviewed sources.

  • Revise your draft

If you use our top dissertation writing services, you should not waste precious time on that. We will revise the paper for you. You may choose proofreading and editing service instead of custom writing if you want us to check your piece.

Buy a Masters Dissertation Literature Review from PhD Writers

Hiring a writer who has a doctoral degree is the best way to cope with a literature review assignment. No matter whether you need the whole project or just parts of it, our educated specialists are ready to lend a helping hand. Here is how to order whatever you need from us:

  • Fulfil the instructions and send us the payment;
  • Select your author or editor;
  • Control the entire writing or editing process depending on what you have ordered;
  • Check the email to see the finished order attached.

From a nursing dissertation literature review to a business plan for your MBA program, you can buy whatever you want on our website. We offer only original papers for reasonable prices. We promise to deliver each completed work on time. Test our service now by placing your first order.

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