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What comes to mind when you think of art? History, music, culture, design, fashion, couture, elegance? Maybe gastronome, film, passion, flamboyance? Art is the fabric with which the entire world is woven from, and everyone experiences it one way or the other. As an art enthusiast and a future art student, there are commanding values that you must exude, both naturally and from your learning and apprenticeships. For an art student, personality and enthusiasm are the defining attributes that make one stand out. As an admissions officer, one is looking for a student that has inbuilt insight and a creative portfolio. Creating an art personal statement may thus become a daunting task if one is applying as a student.

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Get A Beautiful Art History Personal Statement

With such a wide array of disciplines and sub-disciplines under art, it may be difficult to properly define what exactly makes a great statement. The key things, however, are to showcase your inspirations, creativity, and portfolio if you have one. While some artists have a clear vision of what they set out to do, others are ‘free-spirited’ and prefer to live in the moment.

Writting a perfect personal statement on the course of art and design can be challenging for most students who cannot distinguish between these two different sides of the same coin. If you are applying to a design course, it would be good to focus more on what you have actually done (a portfolio if you can), and how this meshes with your influences. A great personal statement for art university will also outline a sample of the vision of the artist, which one can also think of as artistic ambition. This means that you have gotten or are in the process of getting to understand yourself, your inspirations, your limitations and how and where you need to grow. Originality in such a statement goes without say. Art school is usually full of practicalities, and the only way to measure up to them is to be as original and authentic as possible.

Your statement should also be very clear and specific on what field you are applying to. We’ve mentioned that art is diverse, versatile and highly dynamic and you need to have a clear sense of what you want to do.

An art history personal statement will be more specific and more refined. While writing this statement, you need to know that the opportunities available for such course study are very limited and that yours needs to stand out. What exactly about art history inspires you? Are you looking to study it out of enthusiasm or do you want all the technical details and transform this into a career line? What about your personal experiences? Have they brought you into a line of intersection with interest in the history of art and what is your vision for turning this knowledge into practice? Maybe you have finally settled on being an art curator, an auctioneer or even a collector. Whatever the case may be, you need to channel all this into your personal statement.

Unfortunately, most students who are just starting out and applying to art schools for the first time don’t know how to clearly articulate this vision and need into their applications. It’s easier to talk and do than write. This is why we exist. For years, we have been providing help for students who have great talent and amazing vision but aren’t necessarily the best writers. We have worked on tons of applications, and our success rate is quite impressive, judging by the large number of positive testimonials we receive.

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