How we are able to bring out best from the best to give you the best

At we know our area of work and are sure of what measures need to be put in place for us to do it effectively. We sincerely believe in the essence of time and focus on making prompt deliveries. However, this does not imply that we work in haste. In fact, we study your assignments diligently and thoroughly, which gives us the perfect balance between speed and quality. So, please take a look at our academic paper delivery process.

  1. The best suitable writer is selected
    To be able to produce quality results, a good understanding of the subject matter is a must. So, when you place an order for an academic paper, we designate the order to one of our writers, specializing in the field that corresponds to your assignment. We have a wide base of writers ranging from Graduates to MBAs and PhDs, so, for example, when your order is for a business article, one of the writers holding a degree in Business will be assigned.
  2. The work starts
    Once a writer is assigned, they immediately start researching materials relevant to your custom essay, dissertation or other type of academic paper. Having thoroughly researched the topic, the writer starts working on the paper. When working on a customized paper, our writers put a great emphasis on the word ‘customize’. So, you can rest assured that the custom academic paper will be written with strict adherence to your instructions. All your ideas, preferences and requirements will be taken into account and definitely incorporated in the document.
  3. The paper is checked for plagiarism
    After that the completed custom academic paper is put through the plagiarism detection software to ensure the originality of your order. places much stress on originality and any form of plagiarism or copy/pasting is not tolerated. When duplication or plagiarism is detected in the work, the writer is given a firm warning and asked to make the necessary changes without being paid. When plagiarism is detected for the second time, then the writer is dismissed. So, the chances of the same thing happening a third time with the same writer is next to zero. However, during the years of being in business, there have been very few incidents with plagiarism. All our writers are professionals who enjoy their work and all of us here at take pride in them.
  4. The paper is thoroughly examined
    Finally after the plagiarism check, the custom academic paper goes to our assessment experts, who check it to ensure the quality of content. The experts make a thorough evaluation of the copy to make sure that it was done, as per the instructions provided by you. At the end of these processes your custom academic paper will be delivered to you, with satisfaction guaranteed.

As you’ve seen, the process is quite easy and fast. Ready to order? Then click the button below to initiate the process of a high quality paper delivery!