GCSE English Coursework


GCSE English Coursework

How To Achieve Excellence In GCSE English Coursework

A GCSE English coursework is a mandatory paper students have to submit at the end of the term. It has been designed to improve a student’s literary skills by exposing them to a platform where they can generate new ideas and express their viewpoint on a given topic. Your coursework on history or any other subject is very important as it affects final grades. A significant percentage of marks is allotted towards coursework. Those who are fond of the English language would find this type of coursework very interesting and eventful. Language study requires constant practice of vocabulary and extensive research. A lot of thought has to go into choosing the right topic.

Tips To Write an Effective GCSE English Coursework:

  • Gather as much information as possible about the topics given to you before making a choice. The information is available at online research websites as well as in reference books, audio and video CDs and DVDs, and encyclopedias. Make your choice of topic after you are confident about using it for the coursework.
  • Make a plan and stick to it. Write down your course of action. The literary piece of work chosen for the assignment could be very common. It does not matter. Your approach to the topic is more important. Try to be unique and imaginative in your approach to generate interest.
  • Adapt an analytical point of view. It would highlight your unique contribution and also demonstrate knowledge of the topic.
  • Aim to write an interesting coursework. A successful method is to write a review with your own ideas generated through research. List out points for each stage of the coursework at the appropriate places.
  • Demonstrate a flair for the language. English language would offer you ample scope to show your English language skills. This would reflect in the coursework.
  • Write to impress a wide audience. Even though the GCSE English coursework is intended to achieve the goal of scoring high marks, imaginative and creative writing would always succeed in bringing in more readers interested in the coursework.
  • Structure the coursework like a story. To generate interest and enable easy understanding, introduce the thesis statement, build on it with a logical stream of ideas, and then conclude by reiterating what you said earlier in the coursework.

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