Online Plagiarism Checker UK for Students to Help Achieve 100% Uniqueness

An integral part of any essay grading rubric is uniqueness. A student has to write a paper from scratch ensuring its 100% originality to earn a good grade. Moreover, if the tutor detects more than 3% plagiarism in the text, an essay is a failure. If you wish to avoid Fs, you should know how to scan your academic papers for plagiarism. A duplicated content is allowed only if you cite the works of other authors, and it should not exceed 3% anyway. Only citations and references are not counted when the content is checked for plagiarism. Before we focus on the ways to avoid plagiarism and why our checker is the tool that every student or professional writer needs, have a look at the features that make a perfect essay.

Here is what a perfect essay means, and you should make sure every point is followed:

  • Interesting topic
  • Excellent sources
  • Authentic (unique) content
  • Relevant information
  • Proper formatting
  • Perfect grammar
  • Correct spelling
  • Accurate punctuation

Our experts in academic writing have developed the best solution to one of the most critical problems in academic writing – plagiarism. To explain the usefulness of our software, we will focus on how to craft original content and stay away from any signs of academic dishonesty. Uniqueness is what teachers and professors pay attention to while grading the work. When they have a look at your essay for the first time, they can easily define whether it reminds your style or not. We will explain why you may need a good plagiarism tester from our company and how it works. With our solution, you will leave no chance to duplicate content!

Grammar and Plagiarism Checker to Avoid Problems with Intellectual Property

The days when teachers and professors could be easily tricked are gone. Accurate and fast plagiarism checking tools made it possible to win the war against academic dishonesty. Modern tutors know how to scan every written work to detect any signs of duplicate content. They respect intellectual property, and want you to do the same.

There is no way you can ignore the strict rules associated with plagiarism. Unless you don’t want to end up with the lowest grade, you should use one of the best plagiarism checking tools. Our checker is the top option. Most of the anti-plagiarism tools work in the online regime, so you don’t even have to waste your device’s storage by downloading and installing these apps. Our tool is not the exception. Our special software allows coping with any academic obstacles. Once you scan the entire text using plagiarism detection apps, you will not be caught red-handed by your teacher.

Academic integrity is the key to success when it comes to essay writing. Your tutors are not interested in the thoughts of other people. They wish to hear your voice and your point of view regarding the offered question. Sure, you can and should use some external sources to provide evidence for your arguments. However, you should then know how to avoid plagiarism by citing the sources properly. It means that every student must cite the sources according to the suggested citation format (MLA, APA, Turabian, Harvard, etc.) To do so, you must read the manuals on the required writing styles. If you have no time for that or a desire, you may first use citation generators and then scan the entire work with our plagiarism checker to make sure the level of plagiarism is acceptable.

We created our online tool for in-depth plagiarism check meaning it finds any matches after analyzing all possible sources, not just part of them. Even if you cite all the quotations correctly and involve no more than 3% of them in your text, you can still face issues with plagiarism. Most of the modern applications that check plagiarism detect medium or high levels of plagiarism even if you write the text from scratch. That is the reason to check the content several times before submitting it to your teacher.

So, why it became more complicated to avoid plagiarism? The problem is more and more related academic texts appear online. Various search engines such as Google memorize the content and identify the separate phrases as plagiarism in the future texts. Only our plagiarism detection software can point to every copied piece of your text accurately. You should be ready to remove or rephrase parts of your text, but, at least, you will be sure in its originality.

While your tutor might use a strict plagiarism detector, you may face some troubles on the way to a high grade. One tool may show that your work is 95% unique while another one will show only 70%. Unfortunately, it happens from time to time, and teachers trust what they see. Thus, you will need the best plagiarism checker to avoid such issues. Thanks to our rich experience and technological innovations, our team of experts in academic writing created such a tool.

Top Plagiarism Finder to Detect Any Sort of Ditto Content

The goal of our developers and writing experts was to make it possible for the students around the world to check plagiarism online with the highest level of accuracy. Our team also wanted to make it affordable for everyone, no matter whether our clients can spend money on such apps or not.

While it is a challenge to avoid unintentional duplicate content, we tried to come up with as accurate plagiarism scanner as possible. In other words, our mission is to prevent students from various troubles caused by plagiarism. Several factors are the causes of duplicate content. Here is what you should avoid in your works and why our solution will be useful for you:

  • United rewritten text
  • Inaccurate references
  • Direct copy-pasting

Such time-tested methods to avoid duplicate content as a summary, paraphrasing, and quoting are not as effective as they used to be before. Only an online plagiarism test can show you the level of unoriginal text in your work.

What we offer is to learn how to check plagiarism with the help of our innovative tool that is easily accessible on our website. The main principle of its work is comparing your papers with an outrageous number of related information to show any matches with various sources. Once the tool is done, you can review the result and fix or remove the parts that are identified a plagiarized content. It will save your grade!

We understand that different types of works require different number of pages and words. The level of plagiarism may vary depending on the length of your document. Our team made sure that our checker scans all types of academic works equally well. You can use our software to make sure these works are authentic:

  • Essay
  • Lab report
  • Book or movie review
  • Solution to a case study
  • Research paper
  • Term paper
  • Coursework
  • Thesis
  • Research proposal
  • Dissertation
  • Personal statement
  • Presentation and speech
  • Homework assignment of another type

Such documents as cover letters and resumes should not necessarily be 100% original as their main goal is to explain why you are the best candidate for the target school or job. Even though, we still craft only unique application papers, scholarship essays, cover letters, and resumes/CVs for you!

Reasons to Pick Our Software out of the Pool of Checking Apps

We have talked a lot about the necessity of having a reliable, accurate software capable of scanning the academic texts for plagiarism. You may have noticed various free and paid services around the web that offer help with plagiarism issues. In other words, yes, we are not the only online company having this option. However, there are some factors that make students around the world trust our app instead of other available alternatives. We would like to discuss the features that make our software so highly demanded and stand out from the rest of our competitors.

No matter how long your text is, you can insert it all at once and get the fastest results on the web. Most of the other checkers are limited by the number of words they can check at one time. Thus, users have to divide their huge texts into several parts, and it usually takes some time. When using our plagiarism scanning service, you can insert the text of any length and get immediate results!

Next, we understand that every student worries about personal information and online security. We are ready to ensure that your private data will be kept safe and you will not start receiving malware or ads. We are not another fraudulent service that breaks it promises and offers irrelevant content. Our tool also does not memorize your texts (steal them). We guarantee your full online security when using our software.

We made this tool as precise and accurate as possible. Our developers created it in a way that it analyzes all possible sources that can contain information similar to yours. You will see matches from the entire internet. Just fix the highlighted text or send it to professional editors with our report. It is very convenient and much faster than with many other services that simply show the uniqueness level in percentage. Our software also detects the possibly copied parts of the text that you should change or remove to achieve 100% originality.

Finally, our tool serves as artificial intelligence. You will get more than a plagiarism report in the shape of one number – you will get recommendations from the smart editor that would improve your paper for sure! Based on the suggestions of our editor, you will end up with the perfect academic content to earn you the highest possible score or grade.

Can You Check My Work for Plagiarism?

So, what is the principle of our tool’s work? Our team has analyzed the most popular anti-plagiarism apps before creating our own solution. We have detected all the pros and cons of various tools to develop the most effective solution ever. Our experts have also analyzed the latest requirements for academic writing.

The basic principle of work is this: our app compares your content with large databases of academic papers and other sources. We added another feature that many plagiarism checkers don’t have. We allowed inserting and analyzing an unlimited number of words. On the whole, our software processes the following sources:

  • Digital sources (e.g., ProQuest, Inform, etc.)
  • Anything available for the search engines to find
  • Open-access sources

While creating this tool, we took into consideration such popular services as Turnitin, Copyscape, Grammarly, and SafeAssign that are often used by the tutors. We did our best to make your texts correspond to the sever criteria of these services. With us, you will make a unique piece out of any paraphrased content!

So, if you need your piece of text to be scanned for plagiarism in seconds, our solution is the best for you. Below, you will find out how to use our software as well as what you get once it’s done.

How to Check for Plagiarism Step-by-Step on Our Website

As far as obtaining a low grade and other kinds of punishment for the plagiarized paper is a dead cert, you might be interested in using our anti-plagiarism software. To check for plagiarism, start with signing up. We highly recommend this procedure as it provides access to all functions of our service. Do not worry – your personal information remains totally confidential. Our team never saves any texts you share with us. Thus, we do not re-sell your content or use it in our purposes. Unlike many other plagiarism scanners, our app does not store your texts, and there is no chance that any checker will show a higher level of plagiarism after you test your content with our tool. Every user can be sure about their online security.

Once you’re done with registration, upload your document or copy-paste the piece of text you wish to test directly into our tool. You will see the immediate results in the detailed report.

The easy-to-understand report is what you get at the end of the procedure. We remise only the most accurate results. Thanks to the report, you will find out:

  • Plagiarism score
  • Every single match
  • Incorrectly cited source(s)
  • Link(s) to the sources with the duplicate content

Try using free or cheap plagiarism tool from our experts to show your respect for the work of other people. You will be impressed by how fast and accurate such type of tool can be.

Do not let plagiarism harm your overall academic performance – check for plagiarism UK now using our user-friendly, free service created by experts!