Geography Coursework


Geography Coursework

Guidelines on Geography Coursework

A geography coursework can be very interesting even though it is based on highlighting geographical facts and figures. Your approach is important. It is possible to just collect important facts and add them in a routine way to complete a coursework. That approach would not be appreciated too much. Though the topic is important, the way you add content would determine how much your coursework would be appreciated.

Below you can find some basic guidelines to make your English coursework interesting and informative.
  • Make notes of the topic in class. Your teachers would be in a good position to explain the topic. The explanation is always logical. Teachers quote examples to add weight to their lecture on any topic. These examples would be the ideal support content for your geography coursework. File all these notes on different topics for future use.
  • Generate interest in a topic with fresh ideas. You may be given a general topic. Research a bit to come up with subtopics that could make the coursework more interesting. For example, geographical facts about places affected by global warming could be supported with examples of how the land and its people were affected.
  • Present the coursework like a story. The idea is to make it as interesting as possible. The structure should be formed like any other assignment coursework using the writing style and Harvard essay format as per instructions. Edit it at least twice to avoid making any grammatical mistakes or committing errors in the sentence structure. The logic and flow of writing should be smooth.
  • Write in your own unique style. The coursework would succeed in retaining originality and would appear different from coursework written by other students. Aim to keep the sentences short and to the point.
  • Facilitate smooth reading with a well-knit coursework. Assessors would appreciate if it enables quick understanding. Use bullets and numbered lists for facts and figures. Introduce maps and pictures to emphasize important viewpoints.
  • Use a word processor or other available software that provides custom writing services to complete your geography coursework. You would find relevant maps and pictures on the Internet. Make a note of all sources of reference for future use.

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