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Some people love talking about their achievements and talents. Some don’t. It is for the former that composing a statement seems an enjoyable process that gives them a chance to show off. It is for the latter that it’s one of the most difficult things to do. People differ, and so do their likes and wants. However, it shouldn’t favour some of them at the expense of others. If you belong to the second group, your shyness should not prevent you from being accepted to college or getting some other reward for which you need your statement.

That’s why we have created this personal statement service – to even out the battle field a little. We want you to have a strong chance of success even if the personal kind of writing is not your forte. Even if the stress makes you forget how to put words into sentences. Even if you don’t feel like revealing much about yourself to people that don’t know you. We are here to help and we will do everything to get you succeed.

More on our personal statement help and how it all works

If you do decide to make your life easier and increase your chances of success (that is, if you decide to use our help), we will find a personal statement writer, with whom you will be working in a close cooperation. Otherwise, how can we guarantee a truly personal outcome?

Of course, we will ask you to provide the smallest details about the paper you want to get in the end, including:
  • Size
  • Topic
  • Deadline
  • Language standard
  • Quality standard

These are universal requirements for such types of works, from medical school personal statement to law school personal statement. To provide more specific specs for your statement, please use the instructions field to get a highly customized help with personal statement. Feel free to tell us the purpose of the statement and other details. Don’t worry if you don’t squeeze everything into the word count – you will have a chance to specify later.

After submitting your order, you will get access to your very own customer panel, where you will be able to communicate with your writer. As simple as that you can keep tabs on the process.

We guarantee you won’t find a better writing service!

What do you get from all this? Generally – professional personal statement help that will increase your chances of success. More specifically, we break down our general satisfaction guarantee into the following ones:


It is bad enough to plagiarize a regular essay, but it would be disastrous to plagiarize a statement. That’s why we impose this severe restriction on our writers – only 100% original content.  Usually, 70% originality is accepted by educational establishments, but if you want a brilliant piece of writing, you need it to be 100%.


You might be open-minded about using our help, but by default, we assume you don’t want anyone to know you used help writing a personal statement. That’s why we use encryption to protect all transactions and information exchanges made at this website. We want you to be 100% safe.


True enough, most of our customers take measures well in advance and order help from our personal statement writing service when there is still plenty of time left. However, it is not a reason to violate deadlines. Whatever your deadline is – we will meet it. The only thing is – if you do have time, don’t order urgent help. First, it will cost more; second, if the writer has more time to work on your statement, they are more likely to produce a masterpiece.


We go as far as giving a guarantee that you won’t find a better deal elsewhere! You can find a lower price or shorter fulfillment terms, but not both at the kind of price we offer.

And what if you don’t like our help for some reason? We have free revisions! Use this option within two weeks after the delivery of your order and we will make your paper ever better!

What do I have to do for you to write my personal statement for me?

The procedure is as simple as we described above. Let us summarize it here once again:
  • You fill in and submit the ordering form
  • We find a suitable expert to work on your order
  • You log in and monitor the process
  • We finish and send the paper to you
  • You review the paper and order a revision if necessary
  • We revise and send you the work again

Don’t take any chances – order our help now. Chances are most of those you are competing against have already ordered it, so why should you be left behind? Don’t take an uphill battle – let us give you just a little help. Don’t lose any more time!

A personal statement created specially for you!

Custom offers professional-level custom writing services, which includes personal statement composition and development. A personal statement is a write-up in which you subtly define your personal qualities which make you different from other applicants under consideration, as well as your academic career goals. It is the medium, through which an admission committee will gauge your potential and decide whether you should be accepted into their institution. Most of the British graduate schools and Universities, as well as US universities, make their selection of candidates on the basis of personal statements and UC personal statement. This is how important a personal statement is. It could end up being the deciding factor in terms of getting admittance to one of the best graduate schools and universities., being a leader in the field of providing quality college personal statements, is very aware of the importance of a personal statement and the intricacies of writing one.

Only the best personal statement writers!

Our team of writers is highly qualified and each member is a graduate of a UK university. Hence, they will be able to understand your requirements better than anyone else in this business. For the personal statement writing section we a have a separate set of writers with a minimum 3-year expertise in this field of writing. So, the quality and creditability of your personal statement is guaranteed.

As the result, you’ll get a personal statement that:
  • emphasises all impressive aspects of your personality,
  • explains why you want to enter only that particular institution and no other one,
  • outlines your career goals and plans,
  • is written in perfect English,
  • ensures your admission to your dream university or school.

To take advantage of all these services, all you have to do is fill in the order form and give us all the necessary details. will always meet your expectations and strive to do so each time you come back.