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So, you have been accepted to college. You pack your bags, buy stuff for the dormitory, and believe that all your dreams have come true… until you get your first writing assignment. Turns out, it is not all fun and games as you might have thought. Quite to the contrary – teachers except the impossible from you, at least judging from the essay you are supposed to write.

Sounds familiar? This is a common story for 75% of students. You are supposed to have fun day and night while in college, but in fact you use that time to study. It is hard to graduate. It is even harder to be on time with your writing and assignments. We are offering to make it at least a little easier for you. Will you use our essay proofreader help?

Essay Proofreading Service: How We Can Help

Long story short, we are offering you assistance with essay proofreading services, which will include:

  • Assuring the quality of your paper by checking its originality
  • Providing 24-hour consults with our support specialists to make sure all your questions are answered in a timely manner
  • Facilitating a direct contact with your online essay proofreader during the entire process

If I ask you to proofread my essay for me, who will be doing it?

So, if after weighing up pros and (non-existent) cons you decide to ask for help from essay proofreader online, who exactly will be working on it? Proofreaders are usually assigned randomly, depending on their qualifications and availability. But of course, if you request a specific proofreader, we will take measures to satisfy your request. To ask for assistance of a specific proofreader , you need to know their ID number.

Another option is asking for a TOP proofreader. If you do, the entire assigning process will occur as usual, but we will be choosing among top-100 proofreaders that have proved their skill and expertise.

Generally, our proofreaders are all degree-holders and have at least 2 years of experience in best essay proofreading service. What is even better, you can always contact your college essay proofreader directly and make sure they understand your paper requirements perfectly. We do everything to make sure the result is what you expected!

The benefits of ordering proofreader’s help here

Have you heard about other paper proofreading services online? We bet you have. There are tons of them, so you can easily get lost choosing. That’s why we want to explain you how we differ from the competition. Then you will be able to make an informed decision about using our help. Here are the main policies we adhere to here at


There is always too little time to cope with all the assignments. If you waited just a bit too long to order writing an research paper, we will mobilize all our resources to finish just as soon as you need it.


Give us a call whenever you feel like. We will pick up and tell you everything that you need to know.


We have a very versatile pricing policy, so customers with all budgets can find something that will fit the bill.