Proofread my thesis and make it a Masterpiece!

How often does it happen to you that you can’t wrap your head around a certain writing assignment? That you lack the time, or the skill, or the knowledge to do it, but nobody is going to cut you a slack? We bet often – modern curricula are merciless, and the professors are even worse.

We are offering you a solution to this problem! If academic thesis proofreading services is not quire your thing, you shouldn’t force yourself to do it. There are companies, like ours, that will be glad to do this work for you. All you need is say what kind of thesis paper you’d like to get, and voila – it is all done and waiting in your inbox folder.

Here, we’d like to tell you the details.

So, who exactly will proofread my thesis for me? is, in essence, a base of writers that work on the freelance basis to deliver customized thesis proofreader help 24 hours a day. Here is how the process is organized:

  • A customer fills in the ordering form that contains information about the kind of thesis (or any other paper) they need

We process the order to make sure there is enough information to complete it and look up an appropriately skilled and qualified essay proofreader for thesis to work on it

  • Once the proofreader is assigned, the work begins. The time necessary to write a research paper depends on individual characteristics of the paper and is set on an individual basis
  • The customer can contact the proofreader and take part in the proofreading process. In fact, we even encourage customers’ participation for better results
  • When the paper is finished, final touches can be applied in the course of free revisions

And a few words about the proofreaders. Our phd thesis proofreading service works on the degree-only basis, which means we only hire those writers and proofreaders that have at least a bachelor’s degree. They are located all over the US and the UK and thus can work at different times of the day to ensure the shortest fulfillment terms. You can also request the help of a top writer and boost the quality of your paper from good to excellent.

Proofreading a paper is easy… Writing one from scratch is difficult

What is the most important thing in a custom paper? If you are anything like most of our customers, your answer will be – originality. And you could not be more right! What good is a paper that doesn’t pass plagiarism checks? To improve our service level and make sure you get the most out of our cooperation, we have just introduced an additional feature – a plagiarism report. By ticking this box in the ordering form, you agree to receive a detailed report that certifies the originality of your paper.

At that, we guarantee our papers are original. This is a basic requirement that’s more like a commandment for our writers. We NEVER produce plagiarized content and are ready to prove it. The question is – are you ready to try?

Other reasons to use our thesis proofreading service

We wouldn’t dare calling our company the best dissertation proofreading services if we didn’t have good reasons to do so. Here are the most important ones:

  • ALL orders are delivered on time – no exceptions. Deadlines matter, so if it is physically possible to meet yours, we will.
  • Your privacy is protected! We care about our customers’ personal information more than any ecommerce website and thus take measures to protect it against unauthorized use.
  • Need help? Have a question? Our support is at your service 24 hours a day.

It is hard to find a good dissertation proofreading services uk, so we offer you to skip it altogether and order here – it will save you time, money, and peace of mind.