A Personal Statement for University Is as Important as Your Grades

A personal statement, unlike a college application essay is very specific about how it markets you to a future school. While an essay might focus on a specific event, a personal statement is your entire life summed leading and building to that point; your academic, vocational and professional experience all intertwined by succinct breaks to turn you into a brand that anyone would want to associate with. You can think of it as your very own personal brochure, only missing a theme song.

The importance of a personal statement for university application cannot be understated. True, many students applying to some top-level colleges already have great grades and the vocational experience to match. Many however may not have a clear vision of themselves, their future career and growth path, and how the school they are applying to fits specifically into the equation. This ability to articulate yourself and your trajectory is of utmost importance to schools as it already gives them a sense of how you are going to fit into their environment, culture and routine.

We offer help with personal statement for university for students from all around the world who may be looking for a shot at some of the best colleges. We know how arduous and time consuming it may get writing your own personal statement. Most experience an acute case of writers’ block and we don’t blame them. We have written college application essays and personal statements for years, and we have the perfect recipe to take you there.

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There are several key elements that will transform your personal statement into a success. With a statement, the reader expects that you depict a heightened sense of direction and authenticity even though you might still not have all the answers. Consider your experiences and your academics and how these have matched up and aligned so that you get to this specific application. Was it an epiphany you had that you should make this specific call? Or maybe it was a long-standing sense of awareness about something particular within the school or course you are applying to? Whatever the reason, your admissions officer will certainly be able to tell whether you feel a sense of entitlement simply because of great grades, or if this is something or somewhere that actually interests you and you’d like to explore it more.

Your personal statement for university should also be short, clear and concise. Unless given a hefty word limit that gives you room to play around with how much you want to put in the statement, keep it shorter than a page or about 700 words. Avoid all manners of euphemisms and be as clear and as direct as you would be during the actual interview.

Grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, vague wording and paragraphs and unrelated material all cause a great statement to lose its spark. It is important to write a draft of your statement, then read it and rewrite it as your motivation finds fit. A big mistake that many students make is trying to do the essay in just a couple of hours. You need to dedicate time to actually collect your thoughts, think about everything from different perspectives, write a draft and produce an edited and final document.

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We offer all the tips and help to write a personal statement for university which is guaranteed to leave a mark on your admission officer, and hopefully get you that long-awaited call.

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