How to Finish A Dissertation and Stay Sane


Your dissertation is important since it is your entry into the academic world. Creating a good one is a real challenge. When you think about it, you realize that writing a project 200 or even more pages and submitting it to the team of scholars is a nightmare.

The greatest obstacle writers have to face is psychological. Be sure that you’ll have to work hard if you want to finish dissertation. It requires far more attention, effort, time and research you have ever done or devoted to any other assignment at college. By the moment you have been assigned to compose the final project, you have already submitted a mountain of essays, reviews, lab reports, and presentations. You have already learned some academic rules, and now, the time has come to practice.

Some tips on how to finish a PhD dissertation

  • Choose the topic you are passionate about

If your topic seems boring to you, then you will never figure out how to finish your dissertation. To say the truth, you will never figure out how to start it.

Also, make sure to choose a clear and straightforward topic. A broad an ambitious one is a straight way to failure.

  • Organize your dissertation

Your project has to answer three types of questions: conceptual, substantive, and methodological. To do so, you have to perform research, read what other authors have said about your theme and consider whether you agree with them.

  • Don’t be a perfectionist

Trying to finish the dissertation, you have to remember that your first draft is going to be disastrous. So don’t stop working and consult with your supervisor to work together and make your project better.

Why is it so hard to finish dissertation in a month?

  • It’s overwhelming

Advice: Break the task into pieces and manage them one by one;  

  • Your head is full of negative thoughts

Advice: Ignore your defeating thoughts and try to turn your internal critic into your fuel;

  • You feel isolated

Advice: Keep in touch with sounding board;

  • You feel anxious about supervisors’ feedback

Advice: Critics will only make you better. So be strong and give every chapter to your supervisor for comments.

So relax, say to yourself, “I will finish my dissertation no matter what,” and keep moving.

You can do that!

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