Useful Tips on How to Write a Damn Good Essay


“How to get your head in the game to write the damn essay” is the eternal question that deprives students of sleep and appetite. Every learner knows how it feels when you strive to find out a magical source of inspiration and create a masterpiece in one evening.

For most students, one of the hardest parts of the writing process is to find a winning essay topic and represent it in the best form. No doubt, a perfect paper starts with the compelling topic, as it’s a heart of every project. Choosing an engaging theme might take hours of analysis. Besides, selected topic should be backed by plenty of trusted sources. Making a decision what to choose: a topic you like but which has no background info available or a topic you like less but which has tons of sources to use, you’d better opt for the second option.

Once the topic is chosen, you are able to move forward. What’s next? Let’s see this simple plan of producing damned good essay:

  • Write a thesis statement

The key to the winning paper is to create a catchy thesis statement, as it’s a foundation of the article. Start brainstorming about it and then choose the most powerful idea. The thesis statement must be narrow enough to discuss it within the limits of your paper.

  • Find support ideas

Before you start working on the project, do research to find facts that support the statement. Find as much information as relates to your topic. Then consider how gathered data supports the thesis statement. Make an outline of the paper, so that you can keep track of all the information and not to miss a trick.

  • Consider the style

You can feel damned in a scholarly essay because of the required academic style (MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian, etc.) you have to use to format your paper. If you want to succeed, strictly follow the rules of the style and take into account all professor’s requirements.

  • Proofread the content

Look through the introduction and conclusion paragraphs to ensure that composed content is understandable for readers. Identify the strongest points and determine whether they support each other or not. After that, read each paragraph of the body to find out if they follow the basic idea of your paper. Finally, read the completed essay aloud and check it for mistakes. Make revisions until you are totally confident that you’ve created a perfect piece of writing.

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