Showing Awareness Through A Community Service Essay


A community service essay is the medium to show awareness of problems that exist around us. It is natural phenomenon for people to live in society. With it come certain obligations that have to be fulfilled in order to live peacefully with those around us. Community service is a duty performed by an individual that benefits the community. It is not uncommon for society to involve people in its service in return for benefits gathered by such individuals over a period of time. Some communities are based on religion that makes it compulsory for individuals to contribute monetarily or in some other form. A social service essay would suggest that legal systems often encourage petty-crime offenders to serve out their sentence by doing some form of social service instead of paying fines or spending time in a regular jail. It works especially with first-time offenders who begin to experience change in themselves when they have to work with underprivileged people or someone they could really help.

Voluntary Service Is Much Appreciated

The number of domestic violence cases is increasing. It is an area where the community can play an important role in solving problems. A domestic violence or child labor essay would suggest that victims are mostly housewives, children, or handicapped people who cannot fight back. In such cases, society members can provide the more soothing touch. People find different reasons for wanting to help other people in society, which can be listed in the community service essay.

It is natural for an individual to help someone if there are no costs involved. Consider the situation where a total stranger comes to social community center for help. Volunteers from the center do not know the person but are willing to help within parameters set by the center. The mere thought of being able to receive help from a center works only by adapting this philosophy. People begin to trust the center. People seeking help as well as volunteers see success simply by agreeing to receive and offer help. It’s a good topic to be considered in dissertation.

A bond is created that can be used to tackle difficult problems. A poverty essay would offer more information on statistics, but every society has a section of people that cannot match others in terms of capability or potential to earn. By offering monetary service, people demonstrate a willingness to eradicate a problem that can create dissatisfaction among others. The service strengthens the delicate social fabric. The logic is simple. If a society has everything it needs, all its members would have found a way to self sufficiency.

A social bond can bring joy and happiness in the family. A busy working career can often be a hindrance in understanding the importance of social work. A community service essay would indicate that people complain they do not have the time or energy to participate in social events, and it’s not like a college entrance essay. It is time to change their thinking. A family consists of several members. Each member has its wants and needs, but the most gratifying moments are when they can participate in community service.

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