Educational Essay Contests For High School Students


The ideal way to make a mark when leaving school is to participate in essay contests for high school students. It would help students leave behind a legacy for others to follow. They would gain the confidence needed to face challenges that lie ahead of them. The college admission process demands a high level of competitiveness. It requires meticulous preparation. Applying to different colleges has to be a matter of routine, but each and every application essay has to be unique. Students have to demonstrate a high level of competence. What better way is there to gauge oneself than to participate in a scholarship essay contest using essay graphic organizer? Another important aspect to consider is that students now have the chance to pay their way into college. Contests carry prize money which can be used to pay fees, buy books, lodging and boarding. Here are some contests that can be considered.

AFSA National High School Essay Contest

It is organized by the American Foreign Service Association for high school students providing them an opportunity to express their views on foreign policy. It gives them the chance to understand through research the role of foreign dignitaries and how they represent the country in making the world a better place to live in. The aim is to offer a future in international politics to deserving participants by helping them take the initial steps towards learning how the system functions. Winners get a chance to meet high profile politicians besides winning a lucrative $2,500 cash prize. The 2010 topic was “Analyze and explain what you think will be the Challenges Facing the American Foreign Service in the 21st Century.”

The Ayn Rand Institute Contest

Several essay contests for high school students as well as college students are organized every year by the Ayn Rand Institute. The motive is clear. It wants young students to read books written by her including The Fountainhead and Anthem. Custom essays based on these books encourage students to form opinion on the modern thinking demonstrated by Ayn Rand. The contest draws entries from across the globe. The ultimate winner gets $10,000, while several other winners also cash prizes.

The National Peace Essay Contest

The United States Institute of Peace organizes the contest to introduce American students to important topics concerning peace and good governance. The 2010-2011 essay topic is based on “Governance, Corruption, and Conflict.” Reading the news about terrorist activities and condemning it among friends is one thing and actually participating in a contest that encourages students to express themselves freely on effective action formulation techniques against such forces is another thing. Again prize money is high including 53 state awards and a $10,000 top award.

Students get limited opportunity in school to actually meet people who have influenced the world and force them to listen to their views on important topics. Essay contests for high school students offer many the opportunity to meet such people or find essays in essay bank for educational use. Those who wish to pursue a career in politics or literature should learn how to debate and present effective viewpoints on topics afforded by such contests.

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