A Colorful Essay On Diwali


An essay on Diwali is a delightful exercise in reviewing how one of the most popular festivals of India can bring joy and happiness to an entire country. People leave their inhibitions behind to celebrate the “Festival of Lights” in innovative ways. Tradition is still maintained, but modern technology has helped in adapting to the festival in a way that can accommodate busy schedules. India comprises of 28 states and seven union territories. Every single state and union territory celebrates the festival in their own unique way. On Diwali day, a visitor would be amazed at the number of houses with traditional “diyas” or small earthenware oil lamps lighting up the whole city.

Diversity Is Evident During Diwali

A sociological perspective custom essay can be written about traditions being followed by people around the country. Some give more significance to a particular sequence of events within the festival itself. North Indians celebrate Diwali to find their inner self. They believe that those who find purity within themselves discover the way to true prosperity. It is very common to see effigies of Ravana being burned as a symbolic act of denouncing evil. In the Western state of Maharashtra, various rituals and customs are followed on all four days. In villages, lactating cows are the symbol of motherhood and are offered milk by married women. The custom is followed to ensure the well being of their children. Buying jewelry is customary during Diwali.

The essay on Diwali can describe the second day as Choti Diwali where people get up early in the morning and take bath after a full body massage of scented oil. Before daybreak, the streets would be full of people bursting crackers. On the third day, married women pray for their husbands well being and in turn receive gifts from them. Bhau Bij is celebrated on the last day with a “puja” to strengthen the bond between brothers and sisters. In West Bengal, the goddess Kali is worshiped with passion. People live on the promise that she would one day rid the world of injustice and strife.

Tradition Behind The Hindu Calendar

A mythology essay summary can be written on this topic itself. According to ancient tradition, Diwali is celebrated according to the Hindu calendar. It can be traced back to 57 BC during the time of King VIkramaditya. Diwali occurs in October or November, typically on a no-moon day which begins the lunar month Kartika. The Hindu calendar is based on movement of the moon, so Diwali can occur on different dates every year. In 2010, Diwali will be celebrated on Nov 5, 2010.

Exchanging Gifts Is An Age Old Custom

Diwali brings joy and happiness to those who celebrate it. A sociology discipline essay would indicate that exchanging gifts is best way to remove hindrance to a relationship based on love, appreciation, and bonding. Companies and businesses make it a point to distribute sweets and gifts among the work force. An essay on Diwali can end on a note that the sheer volume of gift hampers, sweets, and dry fruits being distributed can probably feed a whole city or maybe more.

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