Staying Awake: How to Do Your Essay the Night Before It’s Due


When you have the last night before submission, sleeping is not an option. But how to stay awake to write an essay? We have all been there. You cannot afford to go to bed when your academic duty is calling. In today’s article, we will present a number of reasonable strategies to help you stay alert during the less exciting moments of your education.

Tricks that will help you understand how to stay awake to write an essay

  • A little bit of caffeine

Oh, yes, the good old caffeine. A cup of coffee, tea, or an energy drink will help you stay alert. But there is an important minus here. Caffeine will give you a boost of energy and activeness but only for a while. The effects of coffee will work only for 2-3 hours, and after that, you will experience a so-called ‘crash’ and lose all of your energy. It works, but it is not the healthiest solution.

  • Chewing gum

Believe it or not, but a chewing gum can save you from college-related tiredness. Chewing gum will help you stay attentive when you cannot focus. Experts claim that when your facial muscles are working, the blood flow to your head increases and therefore your brain works better.

Muscle movement slightly stimulates your brain when you need to stay awake to write essay. You may not realize it, but it really works.

  • Exercises

Physical activity is a perfect way to increase the blood flow and keep you awake. If you are falling asleep right in front of your computer, a set of push-ups or jumping exercises will increase the heart rate and pump blood to your head. When you move, your muscles release adrenaline, and that is one of the most powerful stimulants ever.

  • Music

Choose energetic music that will stimulate you and play it loud (but don’t forget the headphones, because your neighbors must be sleeping already). If you want to know how to stay awake all night doing an essay, forget about “sounds of nature” and Mozart. Play something fast and with a lot of bass like your favorite rock band.

  • Take a nap

How to stay awake to finish an essay? Have some power nap. Just 20 minutes of sleep will give you a second breathe. Tired mind needs at least a small rest to move on, but naps will increase your productivity only when done correctly. Remember that 20 minutes is your limit, and if you sleep more, you will wake up even more tired.

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