Practical Tips For An Essay Writing Contest


An essay writing contest is always a good platform to practice writing skills. There may be thousands of entries, but the aim should always be to win the contest. Conditions may vary; however, most institutions holding such contests consider they have an obligation towards society. These contests offer youth the opportunity to express their viewpoints on vital issues that concern society at large. With the internet playing a big role in providing opportunities to participate online, it is not uncommon to see an international essay contest being organized to get world opinion on an issue. School-going children and teenagers would have the maximum opportunities to participate, but they may not have the experience of professional writers to compile an essay and its acknowledgment. Some guidelines may help in understanding about how to prepare better.

1.       The primary aim of a participant should be to consider any contest to be a scholarship essay contest. It would generate the seriousness required to participate in it. If an entry is better than thousands of other entries, it wins the contest. For example, a student may win a high school essay contest among maybe a hundred other students in school. If the same essay were to be presented in a contest meant for the entire country, the results should still be the same. This is the level of quality students have to aim for.

2.       Enter the essay writing contest with the intention to learn. Students have to choose between several contests. A topic that interests them is a good place to start. The research process would help retain interest. An important point to note is that a contest is not entirely an academic essay. It has lesser rules outlining formats, but ideas and thoughts have to be original and relevant. Simply put, candidates that develop the skill of free writing or writing without inhibitions have a better chance of coming up with bolder  and innovative ideas.

3.       Preparation is the key to success. A candidate has the chance to prepare for a contest much before time. A sound preparation would include compiling a draft, leaving it for a few days unread, and then editing content for relevance. The essay and essay conclusion should be read several times after that to include better or more ideas. Guidelines on how the essay has to be posted over the internet should be read several times over.

Examples of Some Contests

Patriot’s Pen: It is a contest meant for the youth of United States. The topic for 2010-2011 was “Does Patriotism Still Matter?” Candidates have ample time to prepare for the contest as the deadline for submission is Nov. 1, 2010. More than 115,000 students participate in the contest annually. A 300-400 word essay should be an easy task for students. Added motivation is the $10,000 savings bond for first prize winners.

GuideGecko International Writing Contest 2010: This is a general essay writing contest that allows international participants to submit guidebooks related to travel, food, and lifestyle. Winning essays would be showcased at the world’s largest book fair in Frankfurt. This is a wonderful opportunity for budding writers to demonstrate their skills to over 300,000 visitors.

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