Feminism Essay


Know Different Meanings of Feminism before Writing Feminism Essay

Writing a Feminism Essay is a very difficult job because of the controversial nature of the subject and many different definitions associated with feminism. But a safe assumption for the purpose of writing a balanced essay on feminism is that Feminism is a broad collection of overlapping theories and movements advocating equal or superior role for females in all spheres in of life. These include social, cultural, domestic, political, professional and business spheres where women were sometimes prohibited or discouraged or marginalized. Vast majority of the feminists are females but randomly the society will find few males who uphold the feminist theories and feminist views. They are identified as feminists or pro-feminists. This topic often gives room for coming up with argumentative essay ideas that can form the basis for interesting essay writing format.

A close look on Feminism is mandatory for writing on any aspect of this controversial subject. Therefore it is necessary to find out about the many definitions found in the literature before embarking on the Feminism Essay. Feminist theory focuses on promoting women’s rights. In academic sense feminist theory is a part of wider subject area of women’s studies and examines discrimination, sexual and other types of objectification, oppression, stereotyping and patriarchy. Feminists provide analysis, critique and objections to injustice in domestic, social, cultural, political, business, professional, educational, judicial, literary and all other spheres. Social aspects of feminism can be examined within the context of a sociology essay as well.

Many argue that women are only one group among the vast number of underprivileged groups subjected to oppression. The counter argument of the feminist is women being a part of a group already under oppression or discrimination faces double oppression since they must endure the oppression of being a woman on top of being a part of an otherwise oppressed group. This aspect offers many topics that can be used to compose strong persuasive Feminism Essays. Some of the doubly oppressed women are represented by Black feminism, Islam feminism, Third world feminism, and Separatist Feminism. Essay writers should be aware that these controversial essay subjects need diplomatic handling when they embark on the writing.

There is no special format for writing a Feminism Essay. The secret of writing a superb essay on feminism is to do a good research on the subject and selecting a very good topic that is interesting for the writer as well as to the readers. Because of the controversial nature of the subject student can find many interesting topics good for argumentative essay phrases. If the student is sympathetic towards feminist movements he can write a persuasive essay on feminism.

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