Five Paragraph Essay Format


Five Paragraph Essay Format is a Requisite in School Essays

When writing academic essays, the Five Paragraph Essay Format is the most commonly prescribed format. Children start learning writing skills in the elementary school. They are initially taught to write three paragraph essays and after they become familiar with the structure of an essay and understand the purpose of the paragraphs, they are gradually introduced to the five paragraph essays. Students continue to write their assignments using this format in the middle school, high school and even in the universities as it serves the purpose of organizing a cohesive flow of the writing. The same format is applicable regardless of whether a sociology, science, law or accounting essay is being written. The format requires the essay to contain an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs that supports and develops the main idea of the essay, and a concluding paragraph. Once students master this format, they can apply the same principle to an extended essay by increasing the body paragraphs.

It is very advantageous for the students to know the purpose of the Five Paragraph Essay Format in addition to knowing how to write an essay on the format. At the elementary school children learn to write three paragraph feminism essays and learn to appreciate the use of paragraphs to state facts or ideas without mixing each other. They learn to inform in the introduction paragraph, what they are going to tell in the essay. Then they learn how to end an essay without abruptly stopping. Once they learn to appreciate this structure they proceed to five paragraph format that introduces more paragraphs in the body maintaining the flow of ideas from paragraph to paragraph.

As discussed earlier first paragraph in this format is the introductory paragraph. First sentence is a statement of the topic and the next sentence can narrow it to the specific thesis the essay is going to support. A brief plan of the essay informing the reader what to expect in the main body paragraphs, and the 3 key points being used to support the central idea should be mentioned. This lays the road map for the essay.  The final sentence is a concise and precise thesis statement which conditions the reader’s mind for reading further.

Three main body paragraphs bring in three separate arguments or points to support the thesis. They must connect to the thesis in the introductory paragraph. Paragraphs shall be connected so that there is a smooth transition and flow of ideas. Topic ideas at the beginning of each paragraph make it clear as to what the paragraph will address. For example, if the student is writing a drug essay and discussing the detrimental effects of drug addiction, the three body paragraphs can write about physical damage, mental deterioration and economic decline on a drug addict.

Conclusion is the last paragraph that must summarize what was written in the main body and restate the thesis to remind the reader what the main idea of the essay. Because this is the place where reader leaves the writer any special message like future action if any or any appeal to be made also must be written in this final concluding paragraph. For instance, a World Hunger Essay may have a conclusion which calls for people to avoid wasting food or donating towards those organisations helping to eradicate hunger in third world countries.

Five paragraph essay format is commonly used for any type of essay writing because it facilitate coherent presentation of ideas. A five part essay is a further development of the five paragraph essay. When writing thesis and dissertations, the paragraph format is converted in to separate chapters or sections to accommodate the extended writing. Therefore, mastering this format is essential for progression in academic writing.

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