Dissertation Writing: How to Survive


How difficult is it to write a dissertation? Well, it is the largest and most complicated academic paper you have ever dealt with. Therefore, the answer is – it is extremely difficult. There is only one guaranteed trick that will help you finish your work. Write.

And that’s it. No more secrets, seriously. It’s not like we are bearing the bad news, but there are no magical methods to get it done. If you want to finish a dissertation on time (and you do), you have to make writing your daily routine.

Are dissertations difficult? They are, and there is only one working solution we can recommend: sit down, make sure to stay in the silent and distraction-free environment and write. Turn off your cell phone, block social networks and YouTube, forget about the new episode of “Game of Thrones.” Give yourself a small task every day and make sure to fulfill it. Make sure to devote enough time to both research and writing, because researching during your writing time will only take more time and bring worse results.

Here is your motto for every day: Writing means thinking. It is time-consuming, difficult and challenging. Some students are waiting for a “moment of enlightenment,” which keeps them away from real thinking and therefore – fruitful results. Brilliant thoughts don’t just come to your mind for no reason. They only appear on the paper after hours or even days of thinking and analyzing. The best ideas come during a writing session when you are committed to the process.

Negative feelings

How complicated is dissertation writing? A dissertation is even more difficult when you have to struggle with anxiety, distraction, procrastination, revising, creating an argument, finding sources, explaining theories, etc. But remember that this is a hard work and everyone struggles with these emotional and technical issues. So don’t make it even harder by avoiding the work.

The biggest obstacle on your way is a tendency to avoid the negative feelings that come along with the writing process itself. If writing enters your life as a daily routine, you will experience both good and bad days. Good days will bring you inspired work and new thoughts. You may finally realize how to defend your main position. Bad days will make you desperate about everything you have written and give you a sense of a dead end.

It is natural to feel disappointed with your first drafts. They might  be awful and weak, and you cannot avoid it. You will process tons of data and work with difficult theoretical concepts. Therefore, you will make mistakes. Deal with it! Successful academic writers know that frustration and crisis are parts of the entire process. Remember, writing means thinking and it does take a lot of time to come up with good ideas. You will experience a number of dead ends and false starts during your work. If you feel frustrated but force yourself to move on anyway, you will work through it and say something really interesting and unique.

However, if you are tired of your difficult dissertation, an advisor could help you. Ask us, and we’ll rush to find you one. Custom-writing.co.uk will accept your order no matter how complicated!

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