Romeo And Juliet Essay - A Student's Perspective


A Romeo and Juliet essay can begin by analyzing why Shakespeare would want an audience to know that the lovers Romeo and Juliet would die before the play was over. It goes against the normal path of building suspense towards the end of the story. Shakespeare was a brilliant writer who set his own standards for others to follow. By actually allowing an audience to know the sad ending, he gains their sympathy, and the love between Romeo and Juliet is understood to be intense and total. Animosity and rivalry between powerful clans is depicted with great skill. The audience can identify itself with every character in every scene. The only giveaway in the Shakespeare essay is the Victorian clothing worn by the characters.

Capulet and Montague are two powerful clans that share no love for each other. Romeo is a romantic that can go to any extent for love, even at the cost of facing extreme danger while visiting the Capulet household. He has an infatuation for Rosaline who is invited to the party. The literature review writing help can highlight the fact that Shakespeare has created the perfect setting for Romeo to meet Juliet, though at the time of going to the party, Romeo is not even aware that Juliet exists. When they see each other it is love at first sight for the lovesick Romeo. Juliet in the meantime is being prepared to consider Paris as her future husband.

The unforgettable balcony scene is something that most Romeo and Juliet college essays would reflect upon. The impulsive Romeo just cannot forget Juliet and wants to meet her. He climbs over the Capulet wall and on seeing Juliet on the balcony expresses his love for her. Juliet too replies with “”My love as deep. The more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite.” Shakespeare has shown how natural it is for the two to meet. Again, the thought of both of them dying at the end of the play makes the scene more logical and intense. Romeo meets with Friar Lawrence and asks him to conduct the marriage. The Friar agrees with the thought that it would bring forth peace.

A duel takes place on the streets. Romeo is banished from the land as he kills Tybalt, a Capulet. The Prince of the land proclaims punishment, and Romeo and Juliet have no other choice but to leave together in hiding. A Romeo and Juliet coursework can focus on the way Shakespeare builds intensity throughout the story without hiding anything from the audience. Juliet is being forced to marry Paris. Friar Lawrence comes to their aid by giving Juliet a potion to drink that would make her unconscious for a long period. The climax is built when Romeo does not receive the letter from the Friar telling him of the plan. He drinks poison and dies. The Romeo and Juliet coursework or essay can end by highlighting Juliet’s strength, who kills herself with a dagger over Romeo’s dead body. Peace finally comes to Verona but at the cost of two innocent lives.

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