What to Do When You’ve Totally Screwed Up Your Essay?

This is a post from one of our customers who preferred to stay anonymous.

It was the usual day with its usual tasks. As I am a college student, I have to cope with homework and other college-related stuff. I wouldn’t say those things come naturally to me, but I usually manage to fulfil all assignments. The challenge began when I got the task to write my first essay. A piece of cake – those were my first thoughts. How difficult can it be to write one little text on the given topic? That’s not even a term paper. But somehow, I screw up this essay.

Nothing foreboded the tragedy. I got the assignment to write an essay, waited until the last minute to do it, spent one day panicking, and then finally forced myself to get started. As the deadline was pressing, I decided not to waste my time searching for information and going into details. I found a couple of articles that I thought would be useful for my essay and decided that was enough. We were also given the description of the assigned academic paper but screw the description of the essay! I was already short of time. How important could that description be? Apparently, it was of utmost importance.

I put together the information I had found, but as it turned out later, I didn’t pay much attention to the structure of the essay. The teacher turned down my paper and left lots of negative comments. In a few words, the structure was wrong, the plot didn’t meet the requirements, and the topic was not covered. As it turned out, we had to follow the rules on how to write that stupid essay! According to them, it had to contain an introduction, main body, and conclusion. Besides, the writing had to be formal.

I did a little research about essays in general and changed the one I wrote in the best way I could think of. This time I decided to use my notebook to send the paper to my teacher. And guess what? I didn’t get the admission online for my essay! Even the computer “knew” there was something wrong with that essay.

As I was complaining to my close friend about this situation, I discovered that I was not the only one. As it turned out, most of the students have problems with writing their essays. But my friend found a great solution! He used online services that helped him with his paper. He suggested me to stop acting like a hero and do the same thing. So I took his advice and contacted one of such writing services. I told them that I had screwed up my essay and I needed their help. They offered to write my paper from scratch, but I didn’t need that. All I needed them to do was to edit my present essay, to make it formal and structured. All my instructions were followed to the letter, and in three hours I was already submitting my perfectly written essay to the teacher. It was extremely fast, wasn’t it?

I understand that if I want to make good progress with my studies, I should start writing such papers by myself. At least now I know how a good essay should look like!

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