Eric Westwick

I forgot to write my essay

“I forgot to write my essay, please help!” – Another student says In the life of every student there’re times when you forget to write an essay. Gosh, I forgot to write my essay and now I don’t know what…

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Dumb college application essays

Even the Dumbest College Application Essay Can be Done Quickly Hey, everybody! I want to share the story that happened to me. Who has ever come across those dumb college application essays? Well, I have. Everyone knows how important it…

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How to Write an Essay in 30 Minutes

Hint to Write an Essay in 30 Minutes or Less Every student has a dream. Someone dreams about career, someone – about girlfriend, someone – about a healthy 8-hour sleep, and other – about being able to write essays fast….

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Help Me Finish My Essay

How to Get Your Essay Written If You Are Totally Exhausted A very unusual situation has happened to me recently. To begin with, I need to say that I am a 2-year college student and a very good one. I’m…

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My Essay Got Deleted

Help me. I lost my essay. Already started packing home. is a professional paper writing service present on the market for nearly a decade. Throughout the years we’ve received thousands of calls dealing with cases of students accidentally deleting…

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I Hate Essay Writing

I Hate Essay Writing and Here’s Why Why I hate Poetry essay? Why do I hate History composition? Why do I hate Science research? Because this is all waste of time and energy! I’m a third year student and since…

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Bored From Writing an Essay

Can You Get Even More Bored From Writing an Essay? I am not that kind of person who posts articles on the Internet on any suitable occasion. Today was not supposed to be an exception. But I thought, “What if…

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My Essay Sucks

My College Essay Sucks, Wanted to Kill Myself Yesterday Why didn’t I? Because I had no time, HAD… TO… WRITE… MY… FREAKIN’… ESSAY! Every time I feel like my essay sucks big time, I go suicidal. It hangs my head…

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Accidentally Deleted Essay

What Do You Do, if You Accidentally Deleted Text from an Essay? Accidentally deleted essay might drive a sensitive student crazy. You’ve been huffing and puffing over this 200-word assignment a couple of evenings, sacrificing personal time and nerve cells….

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I Missed An Essay Deadline

How to Stop Missing Deadlines & Get Your Essays Written Fast Writing an essay can be really stressful. At least it was for me. Of course, I knew that I had to do it but had no idea how I…

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