An Informative Drinking And Driving Essay


A drinking and driving essay is the ideal exercise to highlight the consequences of drunk driving. Every day, we see young and not-so-young drivers driving under the influence of alcohol. It has become very dangerous not only for the driver but for the many other unsuspecting motorists and pedestrians. Law enforcement agencies have begun to crack down on regular offenders. Penalties are strict and can lead to conviction. Agencies like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) have cropped up to prevent the young from DUI offences. In the United States, the legal drinking age is 21; while in the UK, teenagers above the age of 18 years can consume alcohol.

The problem has become so serious among the young that most states in USA prohibit under-21 drivers from consuming any alcohol while driving. Laws concerning drinking are confusing enough to stir a debate. It has been found that national laws apply mostly to purchasing and drinking in venues outside the house including bars, restaurants, night clubs, and taverns. A drunk driving essay or coursework would indicate that social drinking is the main reason for increased number of accidents.

Some Factors That Increase The Risk Of Accidents Among The Youth

College students are prone to driving and drinking. Young drivers are inexperienced. Often fast-driving accidents are associated with them. An alcohol essay would suggest that when such tendencies are combined with drinking habits, it forms a dangerous combination that is difficult to predict as tendencies vary depending on the mental state of the driver and the amount of alcohol consumed. Sadly, the number of cases increases as they approach 21 years of age. In USA, nearly 25 percent college students have admitted in May 2010 to having driven a car in an intoxicated state. The figures increase for those who consumed some alcohol or were in the same car as a drunk driver.

An essay or English coursework on drugs would suggest that pregnant women have to undergo antibiotic treatment to treat complications arising out of pregnancy. They must avoid driving if they consume alcohol in any form. Visible effects include severe nausea and vomiting, which can lead to temporarily losing control over driving. A drinking and driving essay should highlight the fact that sedatives and tranquilizers mixed with alcohol can be a dangerous combination for drivers of any age. For example, codeine is a common pain killer. Mixed with alcohol though, it can cause fainting spells leading to fatal driving accidents.

It is quite common to hear about blood alcohol concentration when it comes to laws on drunk driving. Alcohol in the blood is measured using the BAC scale. Traffic rules have been framed based on it. An example of a measure would be 0.05% or 0.05 grams per deciliter. There are several factors that decide a BAC count including rate of consumption, quantity consumed, body weight, gender, age, and even consumed food. With penalties getting tougher, a drinking and driving or environmental pollution essay would suggest that it is safer for society that drunk drivers are not allowed to drive by cancelling their driver’s license. The deterrent may save a lot of innocent lives.

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