Environmental Pollution Essay


Environmental Pollution Essay

Discussion of Different Types of Pollution can develop a Comprehensive Environmental Pollution Essay

Pollution is a common problem faced all over the world. Even if students are not pursuing degrees in environmental studies, the need to write an environmental pollution essay is a common assignment just like drinking and driving essay, given the need for awareness creation among students. Due to the escalating state of global warming and the dire state of environmental contamination, the need for addressing various aspects of environmental pollution has become highlighted to governments, environmentalist groups, corporate entities and the general public. In order to write an interesting essay which will provide knowledge and awareness to others, students need to ensure that they understand what environment pollution is and the causes as well as its effects.

Environmental pollution is the contamination of the air, water, and soil by man. Although most often it is not deliberate, human activities are the largest contributor to alarming state of global warming. Millions of vehicles around the world emit tons of toxic fumes to the atmosphere. Various industrial plants release similarly toxic particles to the atmosphere. The effluents released to the waterways, contaminate drinking water and ground water resources which in turn harm human life and endanger animal life. Oil spills and e-waste dumping sites are other sources of major environmental hazards that threaten the ecological balance of Earth. Ground pollution is the contamination of toxic waste which leaks to the soil. This is also cause for devastation of crops and land etc. This is a cause that can be discussed when writing a world hunger essay. An environmental pollution essay can address the causes and effects of any or all of these environmental contamination causes.

Writing an essay of this nature is similar to the writing of an unemployment or entrance essay. Similar to such essay, a great deal of facts and figures needs to be researched and obtained to write convincingly and persuasively of the detrimental effects of polluting the environment. Proper statistics and information is vital for a convincing essay. An essay which is not researched thoroughly will not receive the grade a well researched and written essay will receive. Therefore, students should ensure that the information they obtain is 100% accurate and current. Statistics on environmental pollution is ever changing. The amount of toxic waste entering the atmosphere increases by the minute. Therefore, ensuring that all information is current and accurate can contributes to an authentic and reliable essay.

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