Essay on Drugs


Essay on Drugs Should Address the Evils of Drugs

When required to write an essay on drugs students should selecttopics that address the evils of drugs. Drugs mean any chemical that change the functions of the body and brain. Drugs used for treating and preventing illnesses and diseases are called medicines. Some drugs affect the central nervous system by relaxing, stimulating and inducing hallucinations. People use these for experiencing the perceived pleasurable effects on mind, body and the character. Drug used for these effects are called recreational drugs. In this sense alcohol, tobacco, certain mushrooms and some herbs fall in to the category of recreational drugs. Students can write a highly controversial essay questions on issues surrounding this topic.

Many drugs that are used for recreational purposes are addictive. They cause deterioration of body and brain functions while prompting the body to crave for the drug on a continuous basis. Therefore most of these addictive drugs have been prohibited to be manufactured, sold, traded or consumed. These fall in to the illegal drugs category such as Heroin, Hashish etc. There are some drugs used as medicines as well as recreation. Laws have been passed to regulate the sale of these drugs and prevent non medical use of these drugs. Violation of regulations is illegal and punishable offense. Non medical use of these drugs falls under the offense of drug abuse. Illegal drugs, drug laws and drug abuse are good topics for law essays, sociology essays, psychology essays etc, when assigned to write an essay on drugs.

People usually use drugs to forget their physical pains and mental problems. Some just want to try it especially under peer pressure. However, if they continue the usage for a certain period of time, their bodies get used to it and they cannot live without it. Continued use will deteriorate the victim mentally and physically. This condition is called drug addiction. People who are addicted to drugs forget their normal life. They need lot of money to take drugs without which they cannot live. These evil effects of drugs can be addressed within a cause and effect essay on drug abuse and addiction.

The impact of drugs can be categorized separately in a classification essay. Following three categories can form an excellent basis for a five-paragraph-essay format with an introduction, 3 body paragraphs and a conclusion.

  • On individuals: deterioration of body and mind causing serious physical illnesses, breakup of families and loss of the loved ones, loss of reputation and careers, loss of wealth and total economic ruin, risk of involvement in criminal activities.
  • On Society:breaking of families, nuisance to people from drug users, increased crimes especially petty theft.
  • On economy:loss of productivity, cost of fighting drug related crimes and enforcing law against illegal drug trade, cost of rehabilitation of drug addicts.

Trade of illegal drugs is a multi billion dollar international business run by organized international crime organizations. Therefore it is not very easy for the governments to curb the illegal drug trafficking. Mexican government has spent many billions of US Dollars on drug wars. Enforcement of laws is a lot more difficult than enacting them. This is a good controversial topic for an argumentative essay on drugs.

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