Essay On My School


How To Write An Essay On My School

“An essay on my school” is a topic most students have had to write on when in school. What if you were asked to write the same essay in High School? Most would feel it is irrelevant. It basically depends on whether you like to write an essay or not. Some international students would find writing the essay in English a bit difficult. That is understandable. But imagine a situation where you run out of ideas for your essay questions. That would be a problem. After spending years in the school you need to know everything about it. At least you need to know what to include in an essay.

5 Ideas For An Essay On My School

  • Start with an essay introduction. Include the name of the school, its location, the type of education imparted, and the different means of transport to get there. How does your school look like? Make comparison with other schools in terms of architecture, landscape, or any unique aspect you can spot in your school.
  • Write a personal and witty viewpoint on the principal. Make sure you mention all his positives, as he is the one running the school. Include a brief note on the board of directors. A whole paragraph could be dedicated to the founders and the history of the school.
  • Include your views on interesting events that take place throughout the year. A systematic way of doing this is to list them out in serial order as per the date when an event occurred. Write down interesting facts about any event you have attended or read about. Include pictures and memorabilia that you can find from the past.
  • State when your school was officially recognized by the government. You should be the person who knows everything about their school. Mention the achievements and the prizes won for excellence in education or sports.
  • Sum up the essay with your most memorable day in school. It could be the day you won the best student award or the day you got a perfect score in mathematics. The list could be endless. Just sit down for a brainstorming session and recollect memories you could use to write “An Essay On My School.”

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