The Truman Show Essay


Provide an Interpretation of the Message Conveyed in the Movie in The Truman Show Essay

The Truman Show was a hit movie from 1997 and when assigned to write an essay on it, some students may be enthusiastic while others wonder as to what approach to take, Students doing English literature or media coursework are the most probable group of students who will be called upon to write the Truman show essay. In order to write a comprehensible and effective essay, students need firstly to watch the movie and form a good understanding of it. Only with a sound knowledge of the movie, a student will be able to provide an analysis or an interpretation on its characters, plot or central theme

The Truman Show is about a man who discovers that he has been living in a world which has been constructed for the enjoyment of an international TV audience. Written by Andrew Niccol and directed by Peter Weir, it stars Jim Carrey, Laura Linney and Ed Harris among other stars. The story begins with Truman Burbank finding a spot light which has fallen from the sky. Other incidences go on to further prove to Truman that the life he has been led to live is not in fact a “real” life. The movie goes on to show Truman’s escape in to the “real” world leaving behind the world created by the directors of the show.

The Truman show essay, although challenging, will allow students to discuss many issues. Students should make proper interpretations of the social message being delivered by the movie. These will include the way the media takes over the lives of celebrities, the influence of media on people and the way our world is shaped and created through what we see and hear in the media. The ethicality of intrusive nature of some reality programs which publicize deep and intimate aspects of people’s lives for the viewing pleasure of TV audiences can be the source of a controversial essay. Discussing the overall concept of the movie and what the story intended the audience to feel in the making of the movie is another method of writing the essay. The essay can also be written as review essay where the student critically evaluates the movie and its elements.

Among the various other approaches to the essay, deciding to write about the main character, Truman, students will be able to write an essay questioning the psychological implications faced by someone who has just found out that his entire life has been orchestrated for the entertainment of others. Similarly, the social implications of intrusive media practices can be addressed within a sociology essay writing assignment. The impact of media is so strong that it has the power to even create sub cultures driven by media.

Writing this essay may seem easy at first glance. However the deep seated and underlying nature (water pollution) and social issues that need to be addressed within the essay will make many students falter with this assignment. In most cases, students are benefited by obtaining tips on essay writing from a professional source such as the In addition to tips and examples, we also provide custom written essays that help students tackle the Truman show essay with confidence. With our expert guidance you will be able to submit a well written essay that deserves an A+ grade.

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