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My Essay Sucks

My College Essay Sucks, Wanted to Kill Myself Yesterday Why didn’t I? Because I had no time, HAD… TO… WRITE… MY… FREAKIN’… ESSAY! Every time I feel like my essay sucks big time, I go suicidal. It hangs my head…

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Accidentally Deleted Essay

What Do You Do, if You Accidentally Deleted Text from an Essay? Accidentally deleted essay might drive a sensitive student crazy. You’ve been huffing and puffing over this 200-word assignment a couple of evenings, sacrificing personal time and nerve cells….

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I Missed An Essay Deadline

How to Stop Missing Deadlines & Get Your Essays Written Fast Writing an essay can be really stressful. At least it was for me. Of course, I knew that I had to do it but had no idea how I…

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Essay Due Tomorrow

“I have a 3 page essay due tomorrow, please help!” – Another desperate student says Clients with a college essay due tomorrow are no big news. Every day we receive calls and process orders from UK students who have challenging…

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What to Do When You’ve Totally Screwed Up Your Essay?

What to Do When You’ve Totally Screwed Up Your Essay? This is a post from one of our customers who preferred to stay anonymous. It was the usual day with its usual tasks. As I am a college student, I…

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Essay Online

Essay Online What To Expect When You Acquire An Essay Online Acquiring an essay online is an option students have when they get stuck with how to write an essay. They have to write many essays throughout their school life,…

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Entrance Essay

Entrance Essay An Effective Entrance Essay Because of the competitiveness encountered in university entrance, gaining acceptance to a top ranking school is increasingly a challenging task. Number of applicants for a particular university program far outnumbers the existing seats in…

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The Truman Show Essay

The Truman Show Essay Provide an Interpretation of the Message Conveyed in the Movie in The Truman Show Essay The Truman Show was a hit movie from 1997 and when assigned to write an essay on it, some students may…

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Technology Essay

Technology Essay Technology Essay Must be Comprehensible to Readers Technology is deeply interlinked with human lives that having at least a basic understanding of technology and developments in the field becomes an imperative in the modern world. For this reason,…

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Statistics Coursework

Statistics Coursework How To Prepare An Accurate Statistics Coursework A statistics coursework is mandatory for a student who wishes to take up a study program in mathematics. It requires skill and the perseverance to complete a certain amount of daily…

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